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Dallas, Texas

It all started with an exclusive invitation to a “hookah -like” lounge event….how could I say no! From the moment I received my invitation to the TNLA Expo in Dallas, TX  I knew our team had to experience this event!  As members of the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association ( TNLA), we had the opportunity to meet other landscape professionals in Texas and Out of State. One of the biggest reasons why I decided to travel to Dallas early on was to take part in the TNLA Naturally Inspired Womens’ Wine and Tapas Get together, I wanted the opportunity to be around other woman in the industry and learn from their experiences and hear their success stories.  A few highlights from my arrival to Dallas to the day the rest of the team arrived are described in this blog post…I hope you will enjoy reading and feel free to share my experience with others!

When I arrived at Kay Bailey-Hutchison Convention Center  I was blown away by the set up on the show floor, and a little overwhelmed at the same time, as to where I should begin. I was a “Newbee” in the game, and yet was welcomed with Texas size hospitality! This year all newcomers who attended the expo for the first time received a purple colored badge. (My favorite color by the way!) I did not mind to stand out, but it sure did make me feel comfortable knowing others had purple badges as well! While networking with industry professionals and business owners like myself in a very relaxed setting, the newcomers Shindig experience was a unique one for me.  It allowed me to relax and enjoy myself around my peers. 

IMG_7205 (1)

Queen of Hearts and Alice ! #NaturallyInspired #AliceinWonderlandTheme


Chess Board among the Greens!


Texas size Vincas!


The Newcomers Shindig. We covered topics that impact our business today as well as fun topics like home-town sports team and why/how we each choose this profession. The food, drinks, music and people reflected the genuine vibe in Dallas. I had the pleasure of making some new friends as I connected with top professionals and newcomers. Networking and being open about similar industry experiences made me further realize the impact our industry has on our families, our community and the environment.

During this week long event, EXPO education sessions were another key highlight for me because I was able to gain FREE education and insights from experts as well as keynote Speakers like Garrison Wynn. You can see a preview of his speech The Real Truth about Success: What the Top 1% Do Differently and Why They Won’t Tell You here: Garrison Wynn Overall the seminar events really allowed me discover the latest advancements in the green industry and become more aware of Federal Legislation impacting the Green industry today.  Visiting the over 1,000 booths was by far the highlight of the week! From give-aways, free product trials to sample tastings, we all enjoyed ourselves. Meeting current suppliers, networking and meeting  face-to face with professionals really made a difference in moving forward with sales and ongoing communications with my peers.

IMG_7119 (1)

Keynote Speaker Presentation

The Home Turf Texas team had great feedback over the expereince as well.  The team specially liked feeling as part of something great, being respected on the show floor and being introduced to new equipement, products and industry professionals made the event a success! Next year we will Saddle up for Expo 2016 in our beloved, Houston, Texas.  We are ready to grab life by the “thorns!” and experience another great year of education, tradeshow and networking at George R. Brown Convention Center.

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