Website Launch


 Importance of Launching A Website

By: Joe Trevino

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our website! For the past two years my wife Vanessa and I have have been operating Home Turf Texas Landscape & Design without a website.  At first this wasn’t such an issue, we were considered a small family business the first year with only a handful of commercial and residential properties under our belt. We thought in this day in age with more consumers moving toward social media to find what they need and want, we wouldn’t have a problem growing our landscaping company by solely using social media as promotional outlet. We were wrong! Social media is a great way to keep your customers informed much more quickly and let our clients know of any great deals we may have for the month. We currently use Twitter to get instant landscape industry news and share our campanies most recent projects and local events. Our Facebook business page is a great way for us  to connect with  Business Partners, Friends, Family and the Houston Community. Our Instagram and Google+ Business Page have also been very active over the past couple years, and is a great tool for before and after shots of projects. The reality check came when our company began to grow rapidly. Not a bad thing to grow in just 2 short years, but we needed a website to accommodate industry high demand for service and at the same time show our consumers our landscaping work in beautiful pictures. We also needed a website to let people know we are here, we are real, this is what we can do and what we offer. Our website represents our story, as a family owned and operated business. We can now have everything in one spot, including having an active social media feed on our website.


Since the launching of our website we have been more confident in our approach with customers. We no longer have to say we do not have a website, or our website is “under construction”. Instead we refer our clients and future clients to our website knowing that they can get all the information they need at their fingertips.  Our website brings us legitimacy when having to bid on properties. The Landscaping industry is a very competitive industry, with landscaping companies at every corner of the Greater Houston Area. How do you know which one to choose? Well I would choose the one with a great website.


Home Turf Texas Landscape & Design would like to give a big Thank You to ITVibes, for their patience and hard work in creating our website. This website is the start of a new journey in business.


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